The Solidarity Peace Trust

SPT office in South Africa

The SPT is an organisation founded by a group of church leaders in Southern Africa to promote justice and democracy in the region. They assist people who are fighting for democracy and justice and offer practical support for people who have suffered human rights abuses.

Through their network we are able to distribute our funds, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the sensitive, but rigorous way in which they are reaching eligible prisoners of conscience in the region.  Our grants have been used for medical treatment after detention, urgent travel costs for those who have had to flee to safety and also to help people re-build their lives in a neighbouring country.  In some cases, medical emergencies required urgent intervention, and because our funds were accessible at a moment’s notice, we have been able to assist the most pressing cases.

SPT told us, “Your grant makes a big difference in the lives of the beneficiaries we have assisted. On behalf of the Solidarity Peace Trust, and the partner organizations in South Africa, we again express our sincere thanks to PoC London and their supporters for this kind gesture of goodwill.”

For more information visit SPT’s website



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