Burmese political prisoners tell their stories

We would like to invite you to watch a series of short film clips which feature Burmese prisoners of conscience.  All of the following short films are shown with the kind permission of Jeanne Hallacy and the Democratic Voice of Burma and are taken from the documentary ‘Into the Current’.

Despite major change over the past few years, the National League for Democracy government is forced to share power with the military and has very limited scope to prevent human rights abuses. The military remains in control of the police, security services and the majority of the justice system. The military are guaranteed 25% of the seats in parliament, which means efforts to make the Constitution more democratic will be vetoed.  The Burmese army continues to commit serious human rights abuses and our support remains vital.

Many prisoners of conscience in Burma continue to suffer the consequences of their persecution and torture.  Our grants can help with medical bills, education and rehabilitation for many human rights defenders and their families.

Ko Khun Saing is a Burmese doctor and political prisoner who was imprisoned on three separate occasions for his political activism.

Ngwe Lin, is an extremely courageous political activist who suffered terrible torture during his 11 years in prison as a result of his campaigning for democracy.

Cho Mat Htwo, is a Burmese political prisoner who served just under 11 years in prison simply for making a statement calling for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Bo Kyi is a leading human rights defender who now lives in Mae Sot in Thailand and runs our partner organisation AAPP.  Bo Kyi was part of the 88 Generation student uprising and spent 7 years and 3 months in prison for his political activities.

Thiha Yar Zar, was arrested during the 1988 student demonstrations against the military regime.  He eventually served almost 18 years in five different prisons across Burma.



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