“It’s not only the money or the material value that was important for me, the intention is more important, to know that there are people, and organisations that want to support you is very important and encouraging, it shows you that there is someone who cares, that intention by itself is a great help.”


Thanks to the generosity of our wonderful supporters more than £44,000 has been raised through our Wings of Hope campaign for prisoners of conscience. If you are one of the generous people who donated to the appeal – thank you!

The money raised will enable us to support prisoners of conscience who have been persecuted to help keep them alive and safe. We pay for accommodation, medical and legal bills, food, clothing, travel, requalification, and more. The people we support tell us this makes a big difference to their lives. Not only does it mean they can survive physically but it also gives them hope. Hope that their actions haven’t been in vain. Hope that other people also care about human rights – and care about them.

As reminder of how you have helped, here is our pre-campaign video and a link to our impact report for 2019/20.

Once again, thank you. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

With our best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful year ahead,

The PoC team

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