If human rights defenders are not supported, their voices die. And in some cases, so do they. 

While we are free to express how we feel and what we believe, others are not so lucky.  All around the world, people are persecuted for standing up for their rights and beliefs. This persecution may involve threats to them and their families, losing their jobs, being denied access to vital services, arrest and imprisonment, physical and sexual violence or torture. Many lose their livelihoods, their freedom or even their lives.  

These people have to face impossible choices. Do they keep quiet and let the rights and freedoms of them and their loves ones be abused? Or do they stand up for what they believe in and put themselves or their
families in danger? 

If they are persecuted for their words and actions, should they stay and face the risks or flee into the unknown? Do they take their family with them or leave them behind? Either option is fraught with danger, poverty and emotional trauma.     

This is where Prisoners of Conscience steps in.

We provide rapid financial assistance in the form of grants to ensure immediate relief, resettlement and requalification at the time of greatest need.  

Will you invest in Prisoners of Conscience and help ensure that our resources keep pace with the needs of human rights defenders in the coming year, please?

Make a donation via the Big Give website between 2 and 9 July and your gift will be doubled at no extra cost to yourself. One donation; twice the impact!

Thank you!



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