Courage, integrity, ambition – these are all values and attributes that our beneficiaries display, and they are also the same values held by the main character of a new novel by Ivan Wainewright.

The Kosher Delhi is set in the early 90s and is about a 20-year-old English man of Jewish/Indian heritage who encounters racism and bigotry throughout his life. These experiences become increasingly more extreme and violent until one day he has to make a decision: will he keep quiet and carry on as normal or will he stand up for what he believes in? A question that many human rights defenders will be familiar with.

We’ve read the book and really enjoyed it. The central theme is about standing up for what you believe in – a core principle of our organisation, plus there are twists and turns in the plot that made us laugh, cry and kept us gripped.

Ivan has very generously agreed to donate £2 to Prisoners of Conscience for every copy of his book sold through our website – plus Prisoners of Conscience supporters can also benefit from a £1 discount off the book price, thus paying only £7.99.

He says: “I know that human rights defenders often have to make really difficult choices and can find themselves in dangerous situations as a result of standing up for what they believe in. The work of Prisoners of Conscience is crucial in helping protect these individuals and I’m delighted to be able to support you in this way.”

You can buy a copy now by clicking here, or to find out more about the novel and read some reviews, visit Ivan’s website. You can also buy a copy which will raise funds for Prisoners of Conscience direct from Ivan’s site.

We are very grateful to Ivan for his kindness and ongoing support of Prisoners of Conscience. Thank you. 



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